Kamis, 21 Oktober 2010

my thought

i think life is just a game.
a game that has arranged by GOD.
we just have to play our part.

how we run our part is depend on us.
what character that we have play is ours too..

will we use our mask or we just play the game as our self??
just up to you.

sometimes, i just wonder how it feel to play our game with mask.
how does it feel?

do they not feel tired? for me, not become our self when we do something is the hardest thing to do.
my heart feel exhausted everytime i try to wear the mask when i play my own part.

in life, people come and go with easily.
troubles, happiness, sadness even a bad luck.
a wheel of live is always turn up and down.
so, if they always use the mask, what happend with their real face?

i dont know how to answer it,
maybe you know, and can tell me what the answer.


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