Sabtu, 04 Desember 2010

feel and think..

i feel like mummy these days. loosing my time, need a lot time to sleep, mend my heart to not angry every time i heard about the thing that i don't wanna hear and make sure that i still have awareness to running my days.

now i easy get cry, get cough, get fever, and get angry.
its not like me exactly. maybe if my friend meet me at this time, they will ask me :
"hey.. what happend with you?"
and i just can answer it with
"i'm very tired"

i really tired, i need break from this routine. i just cant stand any longer.
i want to make day much better, but in the end, i make it much and much harder.

i miss my days before this, even it can say a haapy day, but i think i need rest.

if i can take a positive thing from all this stuff, i will tell you letter.
but, for now, i really cant see what the positive thing i can reach from this.

living life and grow up, is not easy for people, include me.
i think its hard to do, and so many responsible to take.
include to face my days earlier.

i think i need extra laugh. to keep my brain healthy and to not think about creepy or do something illegal.

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