Kamis, 02 Desember 2010

-story about a girl-

another day has been through..
so many story was happened. but only the best one will remain forever.

I got a story to tell
About a girl that always cry and easy to laugh. That girl so naïve, she is think that she can save all of people and make her life become a happy ending story and happily ever after. Always looking a good friend to share, but she always got ignorance from other.

Once she got a friend, she think, that it can be a long lasting friendship, but she is wrong, she get hurt again. She cry, looking for any place to go, but than she realize, she all alone.

Cry, and walk a down alone, with night become more late. She never knew, why she cant have a good friend. She asked herself, did i do something wrong? Or I talked to much? Or im not a good listener?
She keep walked, and thinking, with eyes, drown with tears.

Until, she get a place that called “awareness”. She been realized, and understand it,
That a good friend, will care of her. Do not tell or saying a word that hurt her heart. Understand what she say, and make a joke and laugh each other. A good friend that tell the truth and say if she was wrong.

And she asked her self, did I already do that?
She came back to home, and learn again.
Tomorrow if I can get any chance to make a new friend, I will be a good friend of them.
And I will tell, if their was wrong. Tell the truth to them, even it hurt. And make a joke and laugh together.

Its been along day since that, and that girl now, has a some good friend. I mean a REALLY good friend. Not a fake one.
And now, that a girl thankful GOD, already give her awareness.

Now, she has big smile and always try to be a good friend to friend that she have.
Like someone say,
if you never fall, you never understand how to stand and moving on.

And for your information,
It’s not a happily ever after story, it is till running until now.
And hope she can always be a good friend of someone else.
and found her true friend.

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